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Restrictive co-op pet policies in NYC

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  • Restrictive co-op pet policies in NYC

    This is what I received from the managing agent of a Brooklyn NYC co-op:

    Very small dogs, cats and caged birds are allowed, but only with the approval of the board. Other pets are considered on a case by case basis. Also, a pet owner is personally responsible to assuring the pet does not disturb or inconvenience any resident in the evening or day, cause damage to the building or, create an unhealthy, unpleasant, or hazardous environmental condition. Should such disturbance occur, the owner is responsible for amicably and quickly remedying the situation at his/her expense. Examples include, but are not limited to, hiring a dog sitter to walk or accompany a dog as needed and putting down rugs or installing sound proofing to dampen noises caused by the pet that disturb residents in other units. If the problem cannot be abated, the shareholder is required to remove the pet from his/her unit.

    This seems insane, so if someone has an issue with my dog, then I may be required to remove it from my unit? What does that even mean? Give my dog away?

    I also know that some co-op boards will require you to bring your pet to the interview, so basically your dog better not be a barker.

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    Unbelievable! Why would anyone with a level head agree to put themselves in chains and buy a co-op apartment? Fortunately not all co-op buildings are crazy, but it's still an unacceptable risk to put all decisions regarding your most valuable asset in the hands of random neighbors (many of which are probably totally unqualified to handle disputes in a professional and unbiased manner).

    Some buyer's agents actually weigh their buyer's dogs before encouraging their buyer to sign a contract for a unit in a co-op building which has a weight limit!


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      This is actually not legal. If you have an emotional support animal for let's say depression... It's illegal for them to ask you for proof and or submit paperwork. You may still have to pay a fee though


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        I had a duplex I leased in NYC where they requested paperwork for my pet and after speaking with my attorney I was told I didn't have to. He stated I was legally not obligated to submit any paperwork stating I had an "emotional support dog".