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Should we list your partner broker on the deal sheet?

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  • Should we list your partner broker on the deal sheet?

    Hi team,

    We are sending out a deal sheet. Do I list your partner broker as the selling broker so your firm gets "credited" even though we are agent-assisted FSBO and are not paying a fee? I looked but didn't see the answer to that on the Hauseit site.


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    Congrats and so glad to hear you already have an accepted offer!

    Totally okay and normal to include our partner broker's information as the seller’s broker (i.e. listing broker). In fact, this deal sheet will look no different than any other deal sheet, except for the commission section. For commission, feel free to put only “x% to Buyer Brokerage LLC” and that’s it, assuming the buyer is represented.

    Congratulations and remember that nothing is final until contracts are signed, and it’s completely normal to keep showing until you have a fully executed contract!

    Once you do have a fully executed contract, please remember to submit a listing update as usual on the Hauseit website so the team can update your listing’s status.

    Thank you!


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      Hi guys. This is Bee.

      Quick question; Since I have the flat fee service, should I only add Susan K. as buyer's agent in the contract and no seller's agent.



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        Hi Bee! It's perfectly fine to add our partner listing brokers on both the deal sheet as well as the contract. After all, they are truly the listing agents on the deal, aren't they?

        With that said, the only commission you would owe would be to the buyer's agent. Your lawyer won't be confused when drafting the contract as the deal sheet will clearly state what commissions are in the commission section.

        Sample Commission section in deal sheet:

        Commission: 3% to Buy Side Realty

        You should only reference the buyer agent's fee in the deal sheet; it's okay to not mention anything regarding our partner listing broker's flat fee which already has been paid!