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How are inquiries relayed to me as an Agent Assisted FSBO seller?

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  • How are inquiries relayed to me as an Agent Assisted FSBO seller?


    How do I got emails, phone calls and inquiries from buyers' agents, direct buyers and people in general asking about my property that's listed for sale through your partner broker via Hauseit's Agent Assisted FSBO service?

    How does communication work?


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    Hi Bar, we recommend that you take a look at our Agent Assisted FSBO product page and FAQ (see link below). Please check out the FAQ topic "How will I receive inquiries:"

    Since your property was just listed late today, it's not entirely surprising that you haven't gotten an inquiry yet, especially since it's Friday night here in NYC. With that said, the volume of inquiries is wholly related to how attractively you've priced your property, and whether you've gotten professional photos and a floorplan made.

    Good luck with your sale, and please remember to leverage this customer support forum. Every conceivable question about our services has already been asked, and if you can't find an answer to your question, please post it here and someone will typically get back to you within one business day. Thank you!
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      Hi. This message is for the assistant of the partner broker assigned to me for my flat fee listing.

      The below was a test I did to check out the process. I noticed you provided to me the email. However, on street easy I also provided a phone number.

      I am wondering why the telephone number is not shown, so if it was an actual buyer I could contact them by phone?



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        Dear Agent Assisted FSBO seller, it's come to our attention that you've sent multiple fake inquiries on your listing to test how everything works, and have tried calling and emailing our partner brokerage's Principal Broker about your inquiries.

        Please remember that our partner brokers do not personally handle inquiries or any updates to your listing. Please remember to submit all requests or updates to your listing on our website at, under the Seller's menu bar: Submit Listing Update

        Please remember to check out our Agent Assisted FSBO product page and FAQ to learn how inquiries are handled. The FAQ topic titled "How will I receive inquiries?" states:

        We also recommend checking out this great forum thread on how quickly inquiries are forwarded to you:

        If this does not work for you, please let us know by the end of the day and we'd be happy to provide you with a full refund and cancel your order. Thank you!


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          Don't want to get in the middle of this, but you realize that StreetEasy is an independent, 3rd party website that is owned by the Zillow Group (a publicly traded, multi-billion dollar company) right? Neither Hauseit nor any brokerage has any control over what StreetEasy does or how they choose to design/present their email communications.

          Moreover, since it seems like you're testing out StreetEasy (which again I don't think is the best website for search out there), be wary of their Premier Agent advertising program. StreetEasy/Zillow essentially make money by having random agents who pay them advertise on other people's listings. They make it deceptively easy to click on a random "Premier Agent" vs the actual listing agent. Even though it's still possible to click on the correct, actual listing agent .. they make it harder and harder to do so.

          For example, we've recently noticed that StreetEasy has made it even harder for direct buyers to contact the listing agent by having direct buyer inquiries not even state the listing address (but rather only show the front photo). As a result, the listing agent often has to go through all their listings and compare the 1st photos to see which listing the direct buyer inquiry is on! Wouldn't be surprised if StreetEasy not including the phone number is something along those lines.

          Though I definitely wouldn't go out of my way to accuse folks who are helping you that they are somehow able to affect anything that StreetEasy/Zillow does.


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            I want be be very clear. I am in no way accusing anybody of anything. I sent one test email via StreetEasy and 1 test voicemail to understand how the notification process works. Having experience in tech industry, it is quite normal to do a test to understand the process. As the test result came back, I did receive the test email from the notification. However, I did not receive the test telephone number that I placed on street easy. I just wanted to understand why.