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How Quickly Are Listing Inquiries Forwarded to Agent Assisted FSBO sellers?

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  • How Quickly Are Listing Inquiries Forwarded to Agent Assisted FSBO sellers?


    I scheduled a 15 minute intro call and no one called me.

    Also I know there were emails and inquiries about the apt and I didn't get any email. You are only referring it to buy brokers.

    This is not working for me. I don't know what is going on with the apt and there is 0 communication.

    Please advise if there is a way to resolve it so I will get communications, even on weekends, within minutes or cancel the service and give me a refund. Right now it is not working.

    I wonder about all the positive reviews


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    Agent Assisted FSBO product page:


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      What level of service should I expect from a flat fee MLS listing? Is it partially full-service or completely owner managed? Read this to set your expectations straight.


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        Thank you. Sorry about the many texts and messages, especially to your support team. It's been a stressful period for me with having to move. And yes, I was testing how the inquiries would work on StreetEasy. It's really too bad that their website lets random agents advertise on listings, quite deceptive.

        Having slept on it, I want to apologize and say that you guys have been extremely professional. Thank you for working with me.

        Also, thank you for making an exception and getting my listing uploaded late on Friday afternoon in only a couple of hours. I know you guys advertise 2 business days. I may have texted a few times too many. Thanks again.


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          If my partner broker is traveling until next week then who is handling the inquiries to see my apartment?
          My apartment is now listed and I'm most certain people are calling and emailing for viewings. Who is in charge of forwarding me these leads during his absence?



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            Hi Bee! Please note that the Principal Broker does not personally handle inquiries, take messages or make listing updates. The secretaries, executive assistants and front desk staff at our partner brokerages handle all inquiry forwarding and message taking.

            As you may have noticed, you've already been CC'd on a few inquiry responses by our partner Principal Broker's executive assistant. Once you are looped in on an inquiry, our partner brokers' responsibilities end and it's up to you to take it from there!

            Good luck!

            P.S. Please check out the below article for tips on how to deal with buyer's agents and how to respond to inquiries from them.
            P.P.S. Please remember to submit all listing update requests, questions, fixes or issues on our website. The submit listing update form can be found on the Sellers menu bar:
            Learning how to deal with buyers' agents in NYC if you're planning to sell FSBO is critical as over 80% of all home buyers are represented by an agent.