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Agent Managed Open House Policy for Agent Assisted FSBO Sellers

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  • Agent Managed Open House Policy for Agent Assisted FSBO Sellers

    Thank you for your reply. The building management does require someone to be present in the lobby to accompany clients back and forth to the apartment. My husband can be present to fulfill that role. It is somewhat farcical that your company finds it "awkward" for the owner and an agent to both be present. This occurs commonly in Manhattan open houses and really just requires the smallest modicum of social skills. My husband will just shepard the clients up and down from the lobby. On a related note, your email states that the owner cannot be "physically present". Does that imply that the owner can be "spiritually present"? This is not the most sophisticated articulation of a policy that I have seen. An experienced real estate agent would know that in Manhattan someone is always present in the lobby to accompany prospective clients. Always. Thank you.Just a quick refresher on logistics: an affiliate agent will meet you at your home approximately 10 minutes before the open house start time to collect keys. During the open house, the agent will manage a sign in sheet and take note of any follow-ups. They will provide you with a copy of the sign in sheet at the end of the open house, at which point you will meet them and collect keys.

    Important note:

    Can you kindly confirm that you would like to proceed with an agent-managed open house and that you agree to the procedure outlined above? Once confirmed, we will coordinate availability with our partner broker and reconfirm with you as soon as possible.

    Thank you!

    Hauseit Support Team

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    Thank you for your feedback! Since your husband will be able to help out and escort guests to the apartment, one of our partner agents would be happy to host the open house at the requested time. Our partner broker will send out a calendar invite confirming this.

    We've established these policies because it is an unusual and free perk we've offered as of this writing, which can easily be abused. Since our partner agents are not being paid for their time, we certainly want to be respectful and make the best use of their time.

    We've encountered situations before where a building may require two agents, and the owner wished to relegate the partner agent to the role of a doorman, greeter or escort.

    Other times, owners have requested a partner agent even when they planned to stay and host the entire time, thus relegating our partner agent to some sort of bodyguard role.

    Believe it or not, this sort of behavior does happen, which is why our policies have become so specific.

    Thanks again for understanding, and please know that these stock responses are not directed at you, but are in place to make sure that our services are sustainable and available for everyone. Thank you!