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    By the way, do you have a Hauseit for rentals?

    What else is included beside StreetEasy? Also MLS?

    I am aware that they have a recent $3 a day surcharge on their network for rental listings, so will I be responsible for the additional surcharge?
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    Great question, please check out this thread for information about the exposure your listing will have through our partner brokers:

    Please note however that these are third party websites which we do not have any control over, so this list of potential syndication partners is for informational purposes only. Furthermore, some sites are geared only towards sales vs rentals, and vice versa.

    The daily listing fee you mentioned is necessary to be included on the Zillow network, which includes Trulia, StreetEasy and HotPads. This is a recently introduced fee for rental listings only on the Zillow network. Our partner brokers are not able to absorb this surcharge, but are happy to do a flat fee rental listing for you for the same price as a sale flat fee listing if you absorb this surcharge.

    As of this writing, we do not have an official flat fee rental listing product, however you can order one by simply emailing us!


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      Thanks, your partner broker just sent me the same link as well.

      "We syndicate through the same channels for rentals as for our sales listings. Please keep in mind that certain websites are geared towards sales only or vice versa."

      So it seems like the only difference is this extra surcharge of $3 a day that is levied by the StreetEasy / Zillow network.


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        Here's what I'm thinking. Keep the current sale listing on for now. List a concurrent rental asap at an attractive price ($4500 pm). It will rent soon. 1 year rental. If it sells before that great. Otherwise rent for a year and relist sale after 5-6 months in the summer. I would be OK with a $5000 flat fee. I want it to be worth your while. We need to list the rental asap.

        Regarding the rental. Cost is of the essence please. Will $1000 work please. It is a great apt and will rent fast given the price and brand new reno. We will ask for the 15% from the renter to start with and you can rebate it to my account please? If we have to pay half to the renter's broker fine.

        Thank you,


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          Hi Manoj, regarding the rental listing, we're not sure what you mean by $1,000 and rebating any commission to you. Our partner brokers can try to list it as the tenant pays the broker fee, but you'd still be responsible for a surcharge of $3.30 (inclusive of PayPal fees) per day to cover a surcharge by Zillow/StreetEasy for rental listings payable at the start. I’m afraid we don’t have any flexibility on this, and we totally understand if you’d prefer to go another route.


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            Clarification: I will pay you $1000 to help rent it out. The rent is much lower because of the 15% so can you rebate the whole 15% to me. If there is a renter's broker I will pay them from the 15%. If this doesn't work I'll consider just listing it as a rental directly (with your basic marketing help) and I'll handle the rental.

            Sale: After 5-6 months will relist through you.

            P.S. My immediate decision is to rent - I want to go live soon perhaps today. I just need to decide whether to rent on my own (using your online listing) or whether we can reach a win-win fixed $ fee rental arrangement in which your partner agent on the UES by my property can handle the rental on my behalf. It is a stunning apt and will rent immediately at this price. The last one rented in 5 days. So no crazy showings anticipated like in a sale process.

            For the purposes of this discussion let's keep the 15% out. We'll ask the renter to pay (in the end it comes out of my pocket by way of lower rent) and then I will pay the renters broker and keep the rest. If someone comes directly we might charge less etc. But what the renter pays or does not pay will not impact you. Thanks as always.


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              Hi Manoj, we don’t have an online flat fee rental option as of yet (it’s for sales only). Just for color, the reason $1,000 won’t work for us at all is because StreetEasy/Zillow charges a $3 a day fee to rent ($3.3 when you count PayPal fees). That’s approximately $600 for a 6 month listing, and so the partner agent and his or her brokerage would be splitting approximately $400 for full service which just doesn't make sense economically.

              I’m sorry but we wouldn’t be able to help you with that, we don’t have flex on terms as discussed. By all means feel free to rent it by owner, though that wouldn’t have anything to do with us or our partner brokers.


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                OK I understand. I was hoping to get the rental handled at a flat fee and then the sale at a flat fee. By marketing help I meant you can at-least list as a rental right? So it shows up as the partner broker as the listing agent and I'll handle it after that. P.S. The rental listing would be max 1 month.

                For the sale the reason I was proposing a flat fee is to see a win win outcome. Your partner broker would take on a 300k apt at 1% (that's $3000). Or even a 1BR condo at 1% (say 6k-8k). I'm not saying 1% is not a good rate but in my case I'm just looking at do it yourself versus pay $14k. And paying $14k is high for me. The work is no different from selling a smaller apt so was just exploring. But I understand. No disrespect whatsoever. You know that.

                I understand that we've spent a bit of time going back and forth about this. I would never want to waste your time or their time. Just exploring win-win options. Happy to PayPal them a couple of hundred bucks to show that I mean it and that I respect everyone's time.

                Thank you,


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                  Your base product is useful to people like me FYI. Hauseit doesn't have a masked FSBO rental product like in the case of sales (for owners). Can you please consider it? List my rental for a flat fee and I'll do the leg work etc and rent it out. The potential 15% renter paid fee is still coming out of my pocket in an economic sense because my rent has to be much lower so that the renter pays the 15%. I cannot collect that fee however, only you can and pass it on to me after paying off the renter's broker if any. If needed we may not get the 15% fee from certain renters but it won't impact you. You already have a rebate product for renters but this will help Owners who are renting. Please let me know.

                  Thank you! From my side...always great working with you. Any annoyance etc just let me know directly and I won't be offended.