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Hauseit Customer Feedback and Suggested Improvements

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  • Hauseit Customer Feedback and Suggested Improvements

    Curious what other customers think about the service and how you think it should be improved. I for one really like the discretion aspect which is so much more sustainable. Honestly, I have no desire to go against the grain when it comes to my home sale. I've tried the traditional FSBO route and I can tell you it was emotionally draining. I just want it done right and I do not want to spend loads or all of my emotional energy on a daily basis fighting off brokers trying to poach my listing. I've got a job that already does that for me - drains my energy.

    The last thing I want is to be fighting people when I need to sell. I'm sure the same goes for the partner brokers. Not sure what kind of a nutter you'd have to be to want to fight people on a daily basis. That doesn't sound sustainable nor prudent.

    In terms of suggestions, perhaps some way to get traffic statistics? I know it may be hard given the wide number of websites you guys syndicate to, just a thought. I also realize many of the big real estate websites show on the listing page how many views etc.

    What I also like is the copying and BCC'ing of inquiries. The fact that the partner broker is involved in the initial inquiry is very important in my opinion, and really helps my listing blend in. However, I know with the Agent Assisted FSBO product not everyone has time to do all the back and forth scheduling of inquiries. Perhaps there is some way for flat fee listing customers to pay a little extra to utilize the partner broker's staff or secretary to assist in handling inquiries and scheduling showings? Perhaps this is optional, because I know many people who want full control and want to do the communicating as directly as possible.

    Just my two cents. The team asked me to share a little about what they could do to improve the Agent Assisted FSBO service (which they invented by the way) so that I'd love it so much that I'd tell everyone about it.

    What would make you give Hauseit 7 stars?

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    Hi guys, I am inclined to giving it one more shot through you but I have a bespoke need.

    * FSBO (not full service)

    * But last time even though I could show etc it comes across as odd to the buyer's brokers if the response is not from the partner broker. I don't need advice and negotiation etc but I need some very junior but professional person from the
    partner brokerage
    to manage the open house and respond to emails from their corporate email address. That was one big negative of using Hauseit for me. I don't need the full service broker service but at the same time I need a broker firm in between even though I will be sending out the emails to you etc. Do you have a junior professional in your Firm you is good and can do some showings and respond to emails etc. They will forward the emails to me and I can respond to them and then they copy paste and send it to the client or the client's broker. For showings I can also use some other professionals from Task Rabbit etc but you might have people I think.

    Alternatively, have you considered providing the FSBO seller a temporary
    partner brokerage corporate
    email address to answer all queries as though it is from them?

    * Lastly I want to start a long term thing with you and it is important for me to meet in person at least once. I hope that is possible.

    After selling this I hopefully want to use your services on the buy side.

    Thank you


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      Here are my thoughts, and I know some or perhaps even all of this may already have been implemented. I think full service listing customers really enjoy being kept in the loop by their listing agents. That means being communicative and letting sellers know feedback as soon as showing or open house is concluded, even just a text is fine. Responsiveness in general is super important, especially as many sellers are control freaks and have a hard time letting go.

      Another thing which I believe Hauseit's partner brokers already do is periodic listing agent outreach. Sending messages to agents listing similarly priced properties nearby and telling them about the listing, and inviting them to bring any buyers they have.

      I know you guys already do this, but it's nice to do an email blast for each new listing, or perhaps even to advertise a major price decrease. Can be a standard newsletter format.

      Another thing, it's nice to have a yard sign if you're selling a house. Good to be able to stick something outside, so perhaps you guys can dropship these even to sellers. Perhaps it's a la carte.

      This is an obvious one, and I'm sure done already. Consistent followups with all inquiries post an open house. That means quickly going through all the sign in's post an open house, and emailing all of them asking for feedback and whether they'd like to make an offer.

      For coops, it may be nice to have a standard checklist that listing agents must go through before accepting an offer. This is especially important if the seller doesn't know too much about the co-op's rules either. For example, the last thing you'll want is to accept an offer that gets rejected without a board interview even being offered because you forgot to check whether the coop board allows parents buying for children.

      Lastly, it may be nice to do a post closing call with each deal, and ask for feedback. It may also help increase loyalty and the feel good factor if this comes from the principal broker. Know this last part may not be so scalable, but just a thought.


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        The founders at AirBnB talk about this exercise where they imagine hypothetical scenarios for each customer rating, from one star to five stars and beyond. They even go to 11 stars, just to show the contrast, and then try to find a happy medium say at 6 stars or 7 stars where it's still an amazing experience for the customer, but actually doable in scale by the company. Here are my thoughts and musings for this exercise, hope the Hauseit team will find it useful or at least interesting :-)

        1 Star Experience - Property didn't get listed on StreetEasy or the REBNY RLS, severe lag in getting it listed, or the property gets de-listed unexpectedly

        3 Star Experience - Poor syndication, no responses, inquiries come in late, some inquiries don't come through at all

        5 Star Experience - It worked! Property was listed on the RLS. Received inquiries, got offers and sold the property.

        6 Star Experience - Complimentary intro call by the Principal Broker. Got tips along the way. Listing updates promptly done. 24/7 customer service including by phone by the Hauseit support team. Free open houses, free photos and floorplans.

        7 Star Experience - Optional scheduling service provided by a virtual secretary who can answer questions on the owner's behalf, coordinate showings and do calendar invites. Perhaps the owner is able to tell the assistant what days and times are free, and scheduling automatically happens. Perhaps best with a live virtual assistant combined with Calendly. For free open houses, partner agents show up professionally dressed and early. Bring fresh flowers, sign in sheets and fliers. Mortgage broker partner shows up with premium beverages such as Fiji water and chocolates. After the open house, partner agent follows up on all inquiries and CC's the owner.

        8 Star Experience - All private showings are free if the owner is busy

        9 Star Experience - Free negotiation and advice, optional of course but available at the owner's request

        10 Star Experience - Mega event to promote the listing, major celebrities arrive at the event etc.

        11 Star Experience - Bravo TV shows up with major stars, tons of free press, TV and other national media coverage of the open house and the listing. There's a Victoria Secret runway show at the open house that's publicized on the NBC Nightly News.