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Paying for FSBO leads contact information lists

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  • Paying for FSBO leads contact information lists

    Just got the following unsolicited marketing email from "FSBO Weekly," a company that seems to scrape FSBO sellers' contact information from various real estate search websites online, and then deliver it to brokers for a fee. Does anyone have any experience with this? Seems like a waste of money as you can easily find this information by yourself. See below:

    After our first year in business, we have happily done business with hundreds of NYC brokers!

    As a token of our appreciation, we are going to offer 75% off of your first month! Use the code "holiday2018"
    • Search through each major NYC database and find every FSBO listing.
    • Compile those listings into one central list.
    • Update that list and e-mail it to you weekly in PDF format.
    What makes us different than other similar services:

    We personally verify each FSBO listing, phone number, and e-mail address on our list so you spend less time on bad leads.
    • We charge only $49.95 per month which is about half the price of similar services.

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    So it's true that brokers pay money to obtain the contact information of FSBO sellers? No wonder FSBO sellers get harassed all the time!

    This is even funnier when you consider that you can simply go online and find FSBO seller contact information for free. Why is it necessary to pay for the contact information if you're a broker who doesn't have clients ... surely that implies you have plenty of free time?!