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What is a LEED Certified Green Condo Building?

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  • What is a LEED Certified Green Condo Building?

    A LEED Certified green condo building is a building that has proven that it operates in an environmentally friendly way through certification by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), which is a program operated by the US Green Building Council.

    This is the most well known certification for a building to qualify as being green, or environmentally friendly, which is why you see more and more buildings touting their LEED certification or status these days.

    Developers need to consider a variety of factors if they wish to get LEED certification for their new construction condo project. They'll need to consider the site they plan to develop on and how it will affect the local environment. Will the building cause light pollution? Are there alternative ways to get to the building that won't cause more traffic congestion?

    Furthermore, will the building use water in an environmentally responsible manner? How will the landscaping work and will water be used reasonably to water any plants and shrubbery?

    Also, how will the building affect the earth's atmosphere? Will it be carbon neutral? Will it be energy efficient? Will it use solar power?

    Will the building use local and recyclable materials in the building itself? And obviously there should be a solid recycling and waste management plan for the tenants.