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How to improve website and page load speed

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  • How to improve website and page load speed

    Any brokers or other real estate professionals out there who have successfully optimized and increased their website and page load speeds dramatically?

    Sure a lot of agents out there all have their own websites. Any tips on how to improve page load speed? I would love it to be much faster, ideally under 2 seconds for load speed. We've tried getting a CDN just now, hoping that helps a lot.

    Any advice appreciated. Does not need to be real estate website specific advice. That is just the context. Thank you!

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    I would recommend limiting post revisions if you have a wordpress backed site. That's something you can do to improve your website and page load speed with one line of code added. Speak to your developer if you don't have a programming background on how to do this.

    Keep in mind that by default, wordpress will save all revisions. That means if you've hit update 170 days on your homepage, all 170 revisions will be saved. That can seriously slow down a site!

    Also, I'm not too sure about the efficacy of a CDN as I've tried it before. I can understand how that might help a website visitor from Hong Kong load your NYC based website faster. But not sure it does too much for locally based visitors? From what I've seen personally, website load speed hasn't improved much. Just my 2 cents and would welcome insight from the pro's out there!


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      I run a small blog, one thing I would recommend is to get a WP theme that's optimized for speed. Most themes out there come with tons of features that you don't use or need, and it's just bloat. There's plenty of themes out there built for speed.

      Also, interesting, your site's speed seems to vary quite a bit. When I first found you guys, think it was through searching for how to sell an apartment in NYC, your article on the topic loaded almost instantly, say within a second or two. However, this forum has become slow, and same thing when I tried to check out your home page. It took up to 5 seconds to load. Maybe you guys should have your tech guys look into it.

      Good luck, love the content!


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        You can increase the speed of the website by optimizing the size of the images used in the website.