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  • Sample Credit Approval Conditions

    J.L. Starnes

    Credit Approval Conditions

    Date: 11/25/2018
    Loan #: 4218201675

    Borrower(s): Abigail McCullough

    Conditions: This Approval is subject to receipt and verification of all documentation provided to the satisfaction of
    J.L. Starnes.
    1. An Appraisal ordered by and acceptable to JL Starnes, NA, with a value of at least $671,000.
    2. Monthly mortgage payments to be made by auto debit from a JLStarnes Chase account owned by the borrower.
    3. Fully executed purchase contract evidencing a purchase price which results in a loan amount that is based on the lesser of the contract price of $671,000 or an appraised value of at least $671,000.
    4. Signed appointment of agent form for Abigail McCullough, prior to closing.
    This Approval will expire on 06/19/2019. Submit requested documentation to:

    JLStarnes, N.A. William Lees
    673 Browning Lane
    Binghamton, NY 13901