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Selling my apartment in Manhattan

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  • Selling my apartment in Manhattan

    Kindly note:

    I have questions before signing up with Hauseit.

    1. How much broker fee for the buyer should I offer? 2%?

    2. I had a salesperson and brokers license years ago and know how to sell my apartment, meaning I do not need a broker.

    3. Photos?

    4. Streeteasy?

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    Great to hear from you, and thank you for checking out our services!

    1. Check out our in-depth article on real estate buyer agent fees in NYC to learn more. You might be surprised that 2% may be considered light by many brokers in this city. Ultimately, this is up to you. At 2.5%, our partner brokers generally have never gotten pushback from other agents. 3% of course is more common, usually, or at least is more preferred by buyers' agents.

    2. If you know what you're doing, and have time to show your property yourself, consider our Agent Assisted FSBO listing service. Please remember to read the product page thoroughly, as we clearly state that we do not offer a traditional FSBO service. An Agent Assisted FSBO is called such because one of our partner brokers will list your property on your local MLS for a flat fee. There is no way to list your home on the MLS by yourself, unless you are both licensed and an active member of the MLS.

    3. We do offer professional photography and this can be added easily to your order.

    4. Yes, StreetEasy is a site that is included in syndication for NYC listings.

    To get started, please submit your listing details and check out at the link below, or really about anywhere on our website. How did you hear about us by the way?

    Thank you!
    Hauseit's Agent Assisted FSBO service helps For Sale By Owner home sellers in NYC list their property on the RLS, otherwise known as the REBNY Listing Service. Save up to 6% in broker commission when you sell FSBO in New York City. Our flat fee RLS listing package includes syndication to dozens of popular websites too!