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Buying After You Sell?

Buyer closing costs in NYC are substantial and can range from 1.5% to 5% of the purchase price. You can cover some or all of your closing costs through a Hauseit Buyer Closing Credit which is a legal and non-taxable way to discreetly save money on your purchase without disrupting your deal. Because our traditional partner brokers never openly discount, you can rest assured that sellers and listing agents won’t treat you any differently because your closing gift will be discreetly given to you post-closing.

Confused about seller closing costs in NYC? Estimate your closing costs using our interactive seller closing cost calculator. An in-depth analysis of closing costs in NYC is also available here.

Save $20k or More by Requesting a Hauseit Buyer Credit

Requesting a Hauseit Buyer Credit is a legal and non-taxable way to discreetly save money on your purchase and reduce your buyer closing costs in NYC.

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