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Questions about Agent Assisted FSBO listing packages

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  • Questions about Agent Assisted FSBO listing packages

    Hi Hauseit team,

    Hope you're well. We're about to sign up for the FSBO option online and we had a few quick questions:

    For the floor plan option, what is the advantage of adding this vs. using a previously existing floor plan for the apartment? Do they create a show sheet with the new floor plan?

    Also, for the Professional Broker Consulting option ($300/hr), will they circulate our listing to their contacts like a typical broker would?

    Many thanks, and looking forward to working together!

    All the best,

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    Thank you for checking out our services! We do indeed offer cost effective add-on products and services to our standard flat fee Agent Assisted FSBO listing option.

    Regarding the custom floor plan add on option, there isn't any additional advantage really if you already have a professional 2-D floor plan available. Just make sure that you have ownership rights to it, because we can't simply use a floor plan from another broker's listing. That is copyright infringement and will immediately be caught. The same goes for professional photos.

    Regarding the Professional Broker Consulting service, as of this writing it does not include anything more than just that: up to three, 1 hour maximum phone consulting sessions with a senior broker. As described in the product description: Service is limited to normal business hours, Monday through Friday, dependent on availability as defined by Broker.

    Thank you and please remember to submit your listing details at as the next step if you're interested in proceeding.