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How are inquiries handled for flat fee MLS listings in NYC?

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  • How are inquiries handled for flat fee MLS listings in NYC?

    Planning to list today. Just confirming that potential buyers will be able to email or call the Realtor directly, and all messages will be promptly passed along to me? It won't be an 800 number, or anything of that nature? Would it be possible to view a sample live listing on Zillow?

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    Hi Sophie, please check out this forum topic which answers your question on seeing a sample listing or preview of your listing before it goes live:

    Regarding inquiries for flat fee MLS listings in NYC, they will first go to our partner brokers who will then make sure you get them.

    The numbers listed are typically the main office lines of our partner brokerages.* If a secretary picks up, a short message will be taken. Texts and voicemails are automatically transcribed. Our partner brokers have a good track record of promptly relaying inquiries!


    *As you can imagine, a real brokerage cannot change its main office number to yours for a flat fee MLS listing. Please keep in mind our partner brokerages are full service, traditional firms, many of which are quite large with a healthy amount of full commission business. They obviously cannot change the main phone number that is syndicated through MLS / RLS to your number, as that would mean you would be getting called on all of their listings!


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      Fantastic. Already submitted this afternoon. Will look out for the contract. Thanks!


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        Hauseit Team, a woman walked past our house and spoke to my husband who was gardening. She said she was viewing the house at 12:30. It's not that I can't do it but shouldn't we have gotten notice? Not a word from anyone. Is our system working?
        Thanks, Mary


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          Hi Mary, that appears to be a Leslie Baja whom our affiliates have CC’d you on at 10pm last night. It’s up to you to take it from there once our partner brokers loop you in on an initial inquiry.

          Not sure about this specific inquiry, but perhaps she just assumed the time she proposed will work for you! Please feel free to reply all and take it from there!


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            Thanks, I can't imagine why I didn't see that email earlier but I appreciate your help in straightening me out. I've got this!



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              Hi team,

              Should I reply to these inquiries?

              I am hosting 2 Open houses on May 12th. I’ll add more later the following Wednesday and one on the Saturday the 19th. Times TBD.

              Can you remind how to describe our relationship? Your partner broker is our agent, but I’m choosing to participate in the selling process as the owner, correct?



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                Hi Hadi, yes please go ahead! This is a great article on how to describe our relationship if asked (see link below).

                At this point, there’s no need to flaunt your identity as the owner since they are simply trying to get in to see the place! However, there’s no need to hide your identity either if there are serious negotiations. Thank you!
                Learning how to deal with buyers' agents in NYC if you're planning to sell FSBO is critical as over 80% of all home buyers are represented by an agent.