Hauseit® Real Estate Lawyer Partners

1. Browse our selection of pre-vetted, experienced attorneys who specialize in real estate transactions in New York.
2. Contact one or more attorneys directly for a complimentary phone or in-person consultation.
3. Negotiate legal fees and engagement letters (if applicable) directly with the attorney.
4. Hauseit does not collect any referral fees for these complimentary introductions to our lawyer partners.

Did you mean to search for Hauseit instead of Houselt?

Dorian Gray, Partner at Gray & Hesham PLLC

This is an opportunity to showcase a firm logo or professional photograph, and include a snippet about your practice. You can include contact information here as well. Dorian is an experienced real estate attorney specializing in real estate transactions in New York City. Dorian comes with 20 years of experience negotiating the toughest condo, co-op and townhouse transactions in New York. Contact Dorian today at 212-222-2222 or

John Smith, Partner at Smith & Wesson PLLC

This is an opportunity to have our film crews stop by your office and showcase your knowledge in our Real Estate Experts video series. We’ll take care of everything from primer questions to post-production editing. All you have to do is sit back and talk about real estate, who you are and what you do.

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