Our Mission:

To Empower Buyers and Sellers
With Powerful Tools and Technologies and
Agents Who Are Friends Rather Than Foes
To Save Their Home Equity

About Hauseit

At Hauseit, our mission is what drives us to do the impossible, to get up before the sun rises and work late into the night, every single day. Since our humble beginnings as a self-funded startup, we’ve aggregated a portfolio of brands, companies and people to help us deliver a complete solution to our customers.

Our aim is not to satisfy our customers. Our aim is to amaze our customers. We hope you will join us on this incredible journey.

What We Do

In select markets like New York, we connect home buyers and sellers with our established, traditional partner brokerage firms who are willing to discreetly discount their services. In other markets like South Florida, we directly work with buyers and sellers under the Hauseit® brand.*

Our partner brokerages are independent, traditional real estate firms with well known brands, extensive deal histories and teams of agents. In other words, real brokerage firms.

More importantly, our partners are traditional vs discount brokers, meaning they never openly discount their services or advocate for the disruption of the industry. As a result of their discretion, customers generally experience a smoother and less disruptive buying or selling experience.

Why do we choose not to attack the industry head on?

We like to think about it this way. Imagine biking down the wrong way on a busy bike lane during rush hour, every single day. That’s what it’s like to attack the real estate brokerage industry head-on as a discount broker. With 50,000 licensed real estate agents in the NYC metro area alone, it simply doesn’t work.

Whether a discount broker is trying to take half of a traditional listing agent’s commission on the buy side, or trying to disrupt a traditional broker’s sell-side business by offering to work for less, they still need to cooperate with these traditional brokers, hat in hand, at the end of the day to complete a transaction. How well do you think that conversation will go?

*Today, the Hauseit® brand has become an established, institutional part of the landscape in the markets we serve. As a result, we no longer offer our services under different brands outside of New York.

How We Began

Our story began on a languid summer day in 2014 in New York City as two friends and colleagues were having lunch. Although they appreciated the challenges and opportunities of working at a major financial institution, they knew that they hadn’t yet found their purpose in life.

Their desire to make a difference eventually led them to create Hauseit, a company that would tackle the problem of exorbitantly high broker commissions in residential real estate.

They knew the challenge wouldn’t be easy. Multitudes of startups have tried and failed to disrupt the traditional brokerage industry. Why? Because real estate in the United States operates as a two agent model, meaning the buyer has an agent and the seller has an agent, up to 90% of the time.

Because of this dynamic, agents who try to disrupt the status quo end up being boycotted by traditional brokers, which leads to poor outcomes for end customers. When you need the cooperation of other agents to complete a transaction, it certainly doesn’t help if you’re also broadcasting your intent to put them out of a job.

Because of this single fundamental truth, our friends built a business based on the principle of discretion. The only way to truly help our customers is if we connected them with established, traditional brokerages willing to discreetly discount their services.

Discerning customers who are not okay with the status quo are able to work with established local brokers who are not discount brokers, meaning they don’t run the risk of being boycotted by traditional brokerage houses.

Our traditional broker partners are happy too with the ability to take on new customers who would have never paid full commission anyway, without harming their reputations nor sacrificing their ability to charge normal commission rates in their everyday business.

Our Expertise

Our partner brokers, lawyers and team members come with decades of experience not only in real estate but across industries. Our partner brokers, lawyers and staff have done thousands of transactions over decades of work experience, while managing complex businesses and teams both large and small.

We believe the best written content should come straight from professionals in the field, which is why all of our articles and blog posts come from our partner brokers and lawyers.

A Good Reason for Anonymity

We choose to think differently. We choose to focus on the customer rather than promoting ourselves. We choose to focus on creating compelling solutions to the problems of our day, rather than promoting ourselves on Twitter. We choose to focus on building a business that lasts, versus building up our resumes.

Yes, we are painfully aware of the costs of not engaging in personal branding, and we bear the brunt of attacks from our competitors for a perceived lack of “transparency,” but we choose not to engage so we can fulfill our mission to you.

Why don’t we name our founders or management?

As our family of companies has grown, some of the earliest members of our team have become members of management at our partner brokerages.

Given the importance of discretion and the real risk of boycotting, it would not be in the best interests of our customers to conflate our brands.

We do not take referral fees from our partner brokers because Hauseit and the partner brokerages we work with are under common ownership. In plain English, this means our partner brokers keep 100% of the commissions they receive at closing.

Hauseit LLC and Hauseit Group LLC are licensed real estate brokers licensed to do business in New York and Florida, respectively, under license numbers 10991232340 and CQ1064175. Hauseit LLC co-brokes all listings in the REBNY RLS and/or OneKey MLS. Hauseit Group LLC co-brokes all listings in the Southeast Florida MLS. We support and advocate for the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Hauseit® is a Trademark of Hauseit Group LLC.

We are headquartered in Miami, Florida with our main office located at 133 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 1408, Miami, FL 33132. Our New York business is located at 99 Wall Street, Suite 2006, New York, NY 10005.

Press inquiries:

Sonja Gosine
Spokesperson at Hauseit®
Email: team@hauseit.com
Phone: +1 (888) 494-8258

Broker of Record:

Nick Oliver
Hauseit Group LLC, Hauseit LLC
Email: listings@hauseit.com
Phone: +1 (888) 494-8258

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