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What are NYC income tax rates?

New York City income tax rates are 3.078%, 3.762%, 3.819% and 3.876% depending on your tax bracket and filing status. Remember that NYC income tax is in addition to the state income tax that New York State charges.

Learn more in our comprehensive NYC Income Tax Guide.

What are New York State income tax rates?

New York State income tax rates vary from 4% to 10.9% of individuals’ New York adjusted gross income, depending on your tax bracket and what status you are filing. There are a total of nine income tax brackets in New York State. If you live in NYC, you are on the hook for both New York State and New York City income taxes.

How much are buyer closing costs in NYC?

Buyer closing costs in NYC are approximately 4% for condos and houses, 2% for co-ops and 6% or more for new developments, assuming you are financing. Closing costs may be lower for an all-cash purchase. You can reduce your closing costs and save up to 2% on your purchase by requesting a Hauseit Buyer Closing Credit, also known as a buyer agent commission rebate.

How to reduce your buyer closing costs in NYC

You can reduce or eliminate your buyer closing costs when purchasing a home in NYC by requesting a buyer agent commission rebate from Hauseit. Rebates are a legal and non-taxable way to reduce your buyer closing costs while receiving traditional, full-service representation from a seasoned buyer’s agent throughout the purchase process.

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