What Is a Condominium Estoppel Letter?

A condominium estoppel letter is just a fancy term for a questionnaire that the closing attorney sends to the condo association to verify the amount of the common charges and any special assessments that the condo unit being purchased is liable for, and to verify the amount, if any, that the seller owes in past due charges.

A condominium estoppel letter is legally binding, which means that a condo board can’t go back on its word months later and discover new unpaid charges that the former owner owed. This means that once a condo association states in its condominium estoppel letter that the seller is current on charges, it can’t try to claim unpaid charges that it discovers later.

Sample condominium estoppel letter

South Florida Title Services Inc.
Closings and Title Insurance
For Houses, Condominiums and Mortgages

Condominium Estoppel Letter

Date: May 1st, 2021

From: Joy Brown, joy@southfloridatitleservices.com, South Florida Title Services Inc.

To: Elixir South Beach Condominium, Attn: Charlie Gates

Re: 21-4556 John Smith (Buyer) p-f Ann Windsor (Seller)

Parties: Purchase of 5550 Collins Avenue, Apt 2455, Miami Beach, FL 33513

Please find estoppel letter request payment in the amount of $275, check number 234, in order the confirm the following information listed below. Once completed, please return to us by email. Thank you.

1. The parking space assigned to this unit is Parking Space # ____ and the Storage Space # ____

2. The monthly common charges for this unit are $ ____

3. Common charges are paid through this date ____ and past due common charges are owned in the amount of $ ____

4. There are no pending special assessments. If there are pending special assessments, the unpaid special assessment against this unit is $ ____

  • If yes, does the special assessment have to be paid in full at closing? __ Yes  __ No

  • The monthly amount of the special assessment if not paid in full at closing is $ ____

5. Is there any pending litigation? If so, please explain: ____

6. Are there any other associations that we need to contact for this unit? If yes, please provide their contact information: ____

7. We need information on your insurance agent so we can obtain a copy of the master insurance policy for the mortgage lender. Please include the name, address and phone numbers: ____

Association Name:
Printed Name:

Thank you for your time and assistance with this request. Your prompt reply is very much appreciated. Please email the completed condominium estoppel letter to joy@southfloridatitleservices.com. Thank you.

The condominium estoppel letter is requested by the transaction attorney before closing, but typically after the contract has been signed. This is an important pre-closing document for the buyer to receive to not only confirm what the monthly charges actually are, but to confirm that the seller doesn’t owe any money to the condo association.
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