Why do you need a Florida Bill of Sale for a home sale?

A Florida Bill of Sale is one of the typical closing documents a home seller will sign in addition to the Florida Warranty Deed. A Bill of Sale is necessary because the sale of a typical home invariably will come with some personal property, such as appliances, drapes or curtains.

Just like in a Warranty Deed, in a Florida Bill of Sale the seller promises that he or she is the owner of the personal property, has the right to sell it, and promises to defend the buyer against any claims against said property.

As you’ll see in the sample Florida Bill of Sale we’ve included below, a nominal amount of $10 is used as the price because any personal property is lumped in, or comes with, the sale of the actual real estate.

Whether you’re buying a condo in Miami, a single family house in Fort Lauderdale or a property anywhere else in Florida, a Florida Bill of Sale is a document you’ll see on closing day.

Bill of Sale

This Bill of Sale, made on May 15, 2021, between Ann Windsor (“Seller”), and John Smith (“Buyer”).

Witnesseth, that Seller, in consideration of the sum of TEN DOLLARS ($10.00) and other good and valuable consideration paid to Seller by Buyer, receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, delivers, grants, bargains, sells and transfers forever to Buyer the following goods and chattels, to wit:

The following items which are owned by Seller and existing on the Property as of the date of the initial offer are included in the purchase: range(s)/ovens(s), refrigerator(s), dishwasher(s), disposal, ceiling fan(s), intercom, light fixture(s), drapery rods and draperies, blinds, window treatments, smoke detector(s), garage door opener(s), security gate and other access devices; and storm shutters/panels (“Personal Property”).

Other Personal Property items included in this purchase are: As seen during showing.

Said property being located at:

Unit No. 1256, of Elixir South Beach, a Condominium, according to The Declaration of Condominium recorded in Official Records Book 24566, Page 3235, and all exhibits and amendments thereof, Public Records of Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Also known as 4567 Collins Avenue, Unit 1256, Miami Beach, FL 33215

Seller covenants to Buyer that Seller is the lawful owner of the said goods and chattels; that they are free from all encumbrances; that Seller has good right to sell that property, and that Seller will warrant and defend the sale of said property, goods and chattels unto the Buyer against the lawful claims and demands of all persons whatsoever.

“Seller” and “Buyer” shall be used for singular or plural, natural or artificial, which terms shall include the heirs, legal representatives, successors and assigns of Seller and Buyer whenever the context so requires or admits.

Signature of Seller:

State of Florida
County of Miami-Dade

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me by means of __ physical presence or __ online notarization, this 15th day of May, 2021 by Ann Windsor, who __ is personally known or __ has produced a driver’s license as identification.

Notary Public:
Printed Name:
My Commission Expires:

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