What Is a Juliet Balcony?

A juliet balcony is a thin balcony that only ranges in depth from inches to a few feet, and typically not enough to accommodate any outdoor furniture. Juliet balconies are helpful design additions to buildings where adding a full-size balcony to an upper floor is not feasible either due to cost, zoning, space constraints or design considerations.

Even though juliet balconies aren’t true balconies, they allow owners to have some outdoor space, and to “bring the outdoors in” by allowing in more light and fresh air. That’s because a juliet balcony allows the owners to have the equivalent of openable, floor-to-ceiling windows.

Even though juliet balconies have their origins in Spain and Italy (i.e. remember Juliet leaning out her window in Verona in Romeo & Juliet?), they have proliferated throughout the world. Today, you might see modern juliet balconies in new construction condo towers in Miami and older style juliet balconies in pre-war buildings in NYC.

What is the point of a juliet balcony?

Since time immemorial people have wondered, what is the point of a juliet balcony? Why bother having a balcony you can’t walk around on or place an outdoor dining set on?

Well, when having a full-sized balcony is not possible, a juliet balcony does an excellent job of opening up an upper floor living space to the outdoors. Since a juliet balcony allows you to have floor-to-ceiling windows that fully open (usually towards indoors), and allows you to do so safely because of the juliet balcony railing, you not only bring in much more fresh air and natural sunlight indoors, but you also open up your view!

Plus, juliet balconies are inherently easier to maintain and keep clean, and less expensive to install or buy if you’re purchasing a re-sale property.

What's the point of a juliet balcony? Where is it from? Does it increase property value? Examples of what a juliet balcony looks like & more.

Don’t underestimate the ability of a juliet balcony to totally transfer a room, by allowing in so much fresh air and natural light that you might even want to have an indoor garden (or at least a few potted plants)!

A juliet balcony also offers flexibility depending on the weather. On warmer days you can open your juliet balcony to enjoy the fresh air and pleasant weather, and on colder days you can keep your french doors open but the windows closed to get an open view without the chill.

Pro Tip: Developers sometimes opt for juliet vs full-sized balconies due to cost, space, zoning, design or even air rights considerations. It’s a great way to add a European touch of elegance to any building.

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Does a juliet balcony increase property value?

Yes, a juliet balcony will definitely increase a property’s value due to the high value placed on having outdoor space, especially in cramped cities like NYC where outdoor space is a luxury amenity.

Of course, in cities like Miami where it’s common and expected for even the most humble apartment to have a balcony, a juliet balcony may be viewed as a downgrade.

With that said, it’s always better for property values to have a juliet balcony vs no balcony at all, or just a regular window.

While the difference might not be so stark if the windows are floor-to-ceiling, the difference will be noticeable if the alternative are smaller sized windows.

Plus, in cities like NYC where outdoor space is rare and highly sought after, popular search sites will allow buyers to filter by listings with outdoor space. And since a juliet balcony counts as outdoor space, your listing will by default have a larger buyer universe which can only increase property values.

Pro Tip: As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t expect to be able to dine or walk around on a juliet balcony. Some juliet balconies may be wide enough for you to stand on, while others will only let you lean against the railing.

What does a juliet balcony look like?

Juliet balconies come in all shapes and sizes, and in all sorts of buildings too. You can find juliet balconies these days in buildings as diverse as modern condominium towers to ancient buildings in an old Italian town.

Here are a few more interesting examples of juliet balconies to give you a flavor of the full-range of possibilities when it comes to what a juliet balcony looks like.

image of an old building with a juliet style balcony
While thin enough to be considered a juliet balcony, usually the railing for a juliet balcony doesn't extend past the windows.
classic style juliet balcony
Two great examples of juliet balconies of varying depths
humble juliet balcony example
Even the most humble of buildings can afford to install a juliet balcony
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