Save 6% When Selling in NYC

Hauseit® Agent Assisted FSBO

Traditional Listing, Revolutionary Price

What if you could have the marketing reach of a traditional, full commission listing with the potential savings and control of selling For Sale By Owner?

How It Works

Save all 6% in broker commission if you find a direct buyer, meaning you’ll owe nothing at closing. If you decide to sell to a buyer represented by an agent, only pay the commission you chose to offer in the MLS.

Maintain full control while maximize savings

List Your Home on Hundreds of Sites with One Submission

List your home in the REBNY RLS Broker Database, the OneKey MLS and hundreds of popular real estate websites like StreetEasy, Zillow, The New York Times and for a small, one time flat fee of $499.

Your home listed on hundreds of sites, all at once

NYC's Most Trusted Real Estate Service Since 2014

Hauseit has helped over 1,000 sellers in NYC save millions of dollars in commissions since 2014. Google ‘Hauseit Reviews’ to hear what sellers are saying about us. View all Hauseit New York City listings on StreetEasy.

As Seen In:

Choose a Plan That's Right for You


Just what you need to list your property and DIY.



  • 6 month listing
  • One time fee
  • No hidden charges
  • Cancel anytime
  • Free listing updates
  • Custom show sheets
  • Free listing statistics1
  • REBNY RLS & OneKey MLS
  • Automatic listing syndication to hundreds of sites
  • Zillow, Trulia, StreetEasy, & more
  • Automatic inquiry forwarding


Do it yourself with our pro photos & floor plans.



  • 6 month listing
  • One time fee
  • No hidden charges
  • Cancel anytime
  • Free listing updates
  • Custom show sheets
  • Free listing statistics1
  • REBNY RLS & OneKey MLS
  • Automatic listing syndication to hundreds of sites
  • Zillow, Trulia, StreetEasy, & more
  • Automatic inquiry forwarding
  • 10 Professional HDR Photos2
  • Custom 2D floorplan3


The full listing package by a traditional broker.



*Available in NYC only.
1StreetEasy statistics are accessible here. Zillow statistics are accessible publicly. Other 3rd party sites do not report data.
2Additional images may be purchased here.
3Up to 1,000 ft2 for Core and up to 2,000 ft2 for Professional. Larger homes may purchase an add-on separately.

Our Discretion, Your Advantage

Our Professional plan adds an element of discretion for our more discerning sellers. Your home will appear as a traditional listing because it will be listed by one of our traditional partner brokers, meaning you’ll experience none of the stigma attached to selling FSBO or with a discount broker.

Hauseit Home Appraisers in NYC

Go Pro or Go Home

  • Appear as a traditional listing to other agents

  • Skip the stigma associated with selling FSBO

  • Engage the 90% of buyers represented by agents

  • List your home on the MLS & hundreds of sites

  • Avoid harassment from agents without buyers

  • Save up to 6% in broker commissions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Hauseit locally based in New York City?

Yes. Hauseit was born in NYC and knows the New York FSBO market inside and out. Since our founding in late 2014, we’ve listed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of properties in the New York City market alone. We are proud to be the largest FSBO company in NYC by listings, deal experience and number of partner agents. We have helped NYC residents sell apartments by owner with listing prices of anywhere from $100,000 to $20,000,000 plus. We’ve since expanded to the Hudson Valley and Long Island and have helped our fellow New Yorkers in these areas save millions in broker commissions as well.

What areas of New York do you cover?

We’ve helped home sellers in the greater New York metro area save millions of dollars in commissions since we opened our doors and pioneered the Agent Assisted FSBO model in 2014. We cover all five boroughs of New York City through the REBNY RLS. We cover the Hudson Valley counties of Westchester, Bronx, Orange, Putnam, Dutchess, Ulster, Rockland and Sullivan as well as the Long Island counties of Nassau, Suffolk and Queens through the OneKey MLS.

Please note that our professional photographers are only able to travel within NYC; therefore, our Core and Professional Plans are only available for properties located in NYC.

What types of properties do you list?

Hauseit lists all residential property types in NYC. This includes condos, co-ops, townhouses, semi-detached and detached homes as well as multifamily properties.

We’re currently marketing $88,000,000 of active listings in NYC with an average asking price of $1,400,000, as of June 2021. Our sold listings spend an average of 65 days on market. View our closed transactions here.

Where will my home be listed?

Your property will be listed according to industry standards on public websites and broker databases that are locally relevant for New York.

If your property is located in New York City, it will be listed on the REBNY RLS, the OneKey MLS plus locally relevant websites such as StreetEasy as well as nationally relevant websites such as Please note that effective December 31 2020, the REBNY RLS has removed the option to syndicate listings to The New York Times in response to the publication’s decision to move away from listing search functionality.

If your property is located in the Hudson Valley or Long Island, it will be listed in the OneKey MLS and all automatically syndicated sites such as, Zillow and Trulia.

This comprehensive listing syndication is automatically done by the MLS once your listing is uploaded. In fact, we use the same systems as other brokers who would charge you 6% in commission for the same service.

Please note that the MLS does not provide us with a list of website addresses where your property has been listed. If you wish to see examples of where your home is listed, we recommend doing an internet search for your home’s address to find the latest websites that have been indexed by search engines.

Curious to learn more? Check out our forum thread on listing syndication and marketing exposure through Hauseit.

Which MLS is relevant for Manhattan?

Manhattan is technically covered by both the REBNY RLS as well as the Hudson Gateway MLS which is now part of the OneKey MLS. The Hudson Gateway MLS also absorbed the much smaller Manhattan MLS in 2016.

However, for all intents and purposes the REBNY RLS is the de facto MLS in most of NYC, and especially so in Manhattan where REBNY is based. You’ll only need the REBNY RLS anywhere in Manhattan; however, we also upload your listing to the OneKey MLS which means our sellers have the most complete marketing exposure possible.

Which MLS is relevant for Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is covered by the REBNY RLS as well as the Long Island MLS which is now part of the OneKey MLS. The REBNY RLS is more popular in neighborhoods closer to Manhattan such as Greenpoint, Park Slope, Bushwick, Bedford-Stuyvesant and even as far south as Windsor Terrace and Prospect Lefferts Gardens. Neighborhoods that are further out in the borough such as East New York or Canarsie may face more overlap with the OneKey MLS.

However, our sellers needn’t worry about picking the right MLS for their neighborhood because we automatically upload each listing to both the REBNY RLS as well as the OneKey MLS. This often means that our sellers have more complete marketing exposure than sellers paying a traditional 6% listing commission for only one MLS.

Note: We do not offer access to the Brooklyn MLS which is still used in some parts of deep southern Brooklyn like Brighton Beach, Gravesend or Bay Ridge.

Which MLS is relevant for Queens?

Queens is covered by both the REBNY RLS as well as the Long Island MLS which is now part of the OneKey MLS. The REBNY RLS will be more prevalent in neighborhoods closer to Manhattan such as Long Island City. Neighborhoods that are further out in the borough such as Flushing or Kew Gardens are typically covered by the OneKey MLS.

However, Queens sellers needn’t worry about having to choose the right MLS for their listing because we automatically upload every listing to both the REBNY RLS as well as the OneKey MLS. This double MLS exposure means our sellers in Queens have the most complete marketing exposure possible, often times more so than sellers paying a traditional 6% listing commission for only one MLS.

Which MLS covers The Bronx?

The Bronx is covered by both the REBNY RLS as well as the Hudson Gateway MLS which is now part of the OneKey MLS. The REBNY RLS is more popular in neighborhoods closer to Manhattan such as Riverdale. Neighborhoods that are further out in the borough such as Pelham Bay or Parkchester are covered more often by the OneKey MLS.

However, our sellers needn’t worry about picking the right MLS for their neighborhood because we automatically upload each listing to both the REBNY RLS as well as the OneKey MLS. This often means that our sellers have more complete marketing exposure than sellers paying a traditional 6% listing commission for only one MLS.

How will my listing appear?

Your listing will appear no differently than any other listing marketed by a broker in your building or neighborhood. Depending on the plan you’ve chosen, your listing broker will either be Hauseit® or one of our partner brokerages. You can check out our listings on any 3rd party real estate search website.

Under the Professional plan, your listing will be mixed in with the normal commission listings of our partner brokers. Our partner brokers are all locally based, well established, traditional brokerage firms. As a result, because other agents can only see the commission that is being offered to them, no one will know that you’re getting a better deal.

How much could I save on my home sale?

You can save yourself the entire 6% typical real estate agent commission if you find a direct buyer through our service. If you decide to sell to a buyer who is represented by an agent, you would only owe the buyer’s broker the commission you chose to offer in the RLS Broker Database and OneKeyMLS at closing.

You do not owe us nor our partner brokers any commission for listing your property. This means you will either owe 0% in commission or only the buyer broker commission at closing. For example, if you offered 2.5% to buyers’ agents in the MLS, you will never owe more than 2.5% in commission at closing.

How much commission should I offer buyers' agents?

The typical buyer agent commission is half of the 6% in commission that a traditional seller pays, or 3%. While offering a full commission will attract the maximum amount of attention from buyers’ agents, you can also get away with offering 2.5% in commission without hearing complaints. The buyer agent fee you choose to offer is up to you, but we recommend offering something market rate so you can attract the attention of the 90% of buyers who are represented.

Will I need to sign a listing agreement?

Yes. You will be sent an e-listing agreement by our support team after you’ve submitted your listing details and completed your payment. If you’ve submitted your listing details after business hours, then a listing agreement will be sent to you for e-signature the next business day.

If you’ve purchased our Base or Core package, then your exclusive listing broker will be Hauseit. If you’ve purchased our Professional package, then your exclusive listing broker will be one of our partner brokers.

Remember that the MLS, RLS and many 3rd party websites will only accept exclusive sales listings, meaning only one broker exclusively lists the property for sale.

As a result, we are unable to accept alternative listing types or offer edits to our agreements, which are already heavily edited in your favor.

Can I preview the listing agreement?

Yes, we offer a preview and overview of our exclusive listing agreement in this video. Please note that we cannot provide you with a Word, PDF or other editable version nor can we offer any custom edits to our agreement. The agreement has already been heavily modified in your favor and agreed upon with our partner brokers.

Who are your partner brokers?

Our partner brokers are some of the most reputable and highly experienced real estate brokers in New York. None of our partner brokers openly discount their services because doing so would not only be embarrassing but also damage their working relationships with other brokers and harm their brands. As you can imagine, no serious brokerage firm would appreciate having their identities revealed on a website that advertises reduced commission services. As a result, we cannot provide lists of our partners nor can we give you example listings which would reveal their identities. Customers who have signed up will know which of our partner brokers they have been paired with once our team has circulated a flat fee agreement for e-signature.

How will I receive inquiries?

Our teams employ front desk secretaries who answer phone calls and take messages during normal business hours. Messages, emails, texts and automatically transcribed voicemails relating to your property are relayed to you promptly and within a commercially reasonable amount of time.

The phone number associated with your listing will be either our number or the main office line of one of our partner brokers. For obvious reasons, it is not possible to change your listing broker’s main office number to your phone number unless you wish to become the listing agent for all of their listings. All kidding aside, the level of responsiveness of our partner brokers is leagues ahead of industry standards where full commission listing agents don’t have any obligation to keep their seller updated.

How are showings scheduled and handled?

Once we or our partner brokers loop you in on an initial inquiry, our responsibilities end and it’s up to you to take it from there. As an Agent Assisted FSBO seller, it’s up to you to schedule viewings, attend showings, negotiate offers and manage the contract to closing process. We recommend having an experienced real estate attorney guide you through the NYC closing process.

How should I represent my role?

You can always explain to buyers and buyer’s agents that you are taking an active role in your home sale as the owner. You never need to obfuscate your identity. With that said, there’s no need to reveal the specifics of your private listing arrangement to other brokers. Remember that other brokers can only see the commission offered to them in the MLS (RLS in NYC) and your listing is identical to theirs.

For buyer agent inquiries, we recommend focusing on scheduling a showing vs flaunting your status as the owner early on. There’s simply no upside to bragging about your advantageous listing arrangement. Not only might it confuse buyers’ agents who are focused on getting their client in to see your apartment, but it can also be embarrassing for our us and our partner brokers.

If an initial showing leads to something more substantial, it’s okay to explain that you’re taking an active role as the owner because your broker is busy. Just remember that it’s quite common for sellers who are paying full commission to cover showings if their broker has another showing or is on vacation.

In our Professional plan, our partner listing brokers are Principal Brokers or other very senior brokers at traditional firms, so it’s reasonable to expect that they will not be available to personally handle every listing. To learn more, read our comprehensive guide on how to deal with buyers’ agents in NYC.

Will other agents try to poach me as a seller client?

Agent Assisted FSBO sellers will receive a dramatically reduced level of harassment vs traditional For Sale By Owner sellers. That’s because your listing will appear as a traditional, full-service listing to other real estate agents. Furthermore, other agents can only see the commission that’s being offer to them so there’s no way for them to know that you’re getting a better deal. In contrast, traditional For Sale By Owner sellers are easily identifiable and are the target of constant solicitation and harassment by agents looking to get their next listing.

How do I get started?

Submit your listing details to get started. We have a consolidated listing submission form for both the REBNY RLS and the OneKey MLS. Please choose a Hauseit® Assisted FSBO listing package on the next page after submitting your listing details and complete your purchase. We’ll then send you a listing agreement that you can conveniently e-sign with your smartphone. You can cancel the listing agreement anytime and you will not owe our partner broker anything more for listing your property. After the listing agreement is signed, please allow two business days for your property listing to fully syndicate to all real estate portals.

If you’ve selected our Professional plan, your home will appear as a traditional listing by an established, local real estate brokerage and you will begin to receive inquiries. Just remember when dealing with buyers’ agents in NYC that no one needs to know you haven’t paid full commission.

Don’t have everything ready yet? You can always save a partially completed listing submission form to complete later. Please note that new orders are uploaded within 2 business days after you’ve submitted your listing details, paid and e-signed the listing agreement. If you wish to have your listing uploaded at a specific date in the future, please only complete your order once you are ready to list. You can always make updates to your listing on our website after your listing is live.

How long does it take to get my listing up?

Once you have submitted your complete listing details, paid for a listing package and e-signed the listing agreement, our support team will upload your listing during regular business hours to the MLS and your listing will automatically syndicate to 3rd party websites within 2 business days.

If you’re going with our Core or Professional plan, you’ll be asked to complete your purchase and schedule your professional media appointment before submitting your complete listing details. Our photographers will usually have availability within the next few days, but you’ll have the opportunity to check their e-calendars before completing your purchase.

Can I use my own photos?

Yes, as long as they are professional grade photographs, meaning photographs that have been taken with professional equipment, adequate lighting, etc. Professional photographs are very affordable and can be ordered a la carte here.

Please note that we cannot accept orders with unprofessional photos, i.e. photos taken with your phone’s camera, crooked photos with poor lighting etc. Not only will amateur photos dramatically hurt your chances of selling your property for the highest price, but they also damage the reputation of Hauseit® and our partner brokers.

Can I use photos from a previous listing agent?

You may only utilize photos (or other listing media) commissioned by a previous listing agent (or any other 3rd party) if you’ve received explicit written permission to do so.

In the absence of written authorization, please do not assume that you’ve been given intellectual property (usage) rights for photos or any other listing media (floor plan, virtual tour, videos, etc.) created by a previous listing agent you may have hired.

Due to the serious legal risks posed by intellectual property theft, all Hauseit Assisted FSBO sellers are required to affirm the following statement as part of the listing submission process:

I possess the usage rights to all media which I’ve submitted. I acknowledge that the unauthorized use of third-party photos, floor plans, virtual tours, music or video without express written permission from the content owner may subject me to serious legal ramifications, including possible monetary liability. I understand that Hauseit has a zero-tolerance policy for intellectual property disputes of any kind, and I acknowledge that Hauseit will immediately and permanently delist my property without a refund should any 3rd party initiate an intellectual property dispute over any listing media I’ve submitted.

Am I allowed to cancel before the listing term expires?

Yes. You may discontinue the service at any time, although we strongly encourage you to utilize the full listing term. The average time it takes for new listings to go into contract in NYC as of this writing is approximately 4 months. This estimate does not include the additional two to three months on average it takes to “close” on a transaction once you’re already in contract.

Furthermore, the average “days on market” for listings above $2mm is significantly higher than 4 months. It can take a year or more to sell certain properties above $5mm or very unique listings at lower price points. Even if there is nothing wrong with your pricing, photography and general marketing strategy, cancelling prematurely will likely not give your listing enough time, statistically speaking, to find a buyer.

Prior to listing, we strongly encourage you to research the average days on market for comparable listings in your area. Assuming you’ve priced your property in line with comps and you have professional photos and a floor plan, you should set expectations for similar performance when it comes to the timeline for going into contract with a buyer on your own listing. Keep in mind that general market conditions can change rapidly, so it’s always possible that your listing will take longer (or take even less time) to go into contract compared to recently sold comps. Overpricing your listing and/or using amateur photos may result in significant underperformance when it comes to the expected timeline for finding a buyer.

The nominal flat fee payable upfront entitles you to up to 6 months of listing time, however it is non-refundable in the event you opt for early termination. A new listing package must be ordered if you decide to relist after the expiration of your original contract term or if you decide to temporary delist and relist during the contract term.

How often should I host open houses?

You should host open houses every weekend. It’s critically important to show your property as often as possible, especially early on in your listing. Make your weekends free for Saturday or Sunday afternoon open houses and try to accommodate as many private showing requests as possible. Remember, most buyers will only make an offer if they’ve had a chance to view the property!

Don’t have time to manage an open house?  We’ve got you covered! Hauseit’s partner brokers can run your open houses for a flat fee. Just remember to give us at least 3 business days notice when you schedule your open house through our listing update form.

At your open house, our partners may bring property fliers and complimentary refreshments and will greet guests, answer questions and manage and deliver a sign-in sheet to you after the event. Our partner brokers will show up 10 minutes early to learn more about your property, then you are free to leave and let them take it from there!

Note: All open house services are dependent on availability and not guaranteed.

What happens after I accept an offer?

With your home now receiving maximum exposure and assuming you’ve taken professional photographs and priced your property correctly, you’ll start seeing inquiries and offers roll in. Decide to sell to an unrepresented buyer? Great, you’ll pay zero percent in broker commission.

What if the best bid comes from an agent representing a buyer? Pay only what you chose to offer to buyers’ agents in the RLS Broker Database and the OneKey MLS. You are free to sell to anyone you choose or no one at all, your call.

What next after you’ve accepted an offer? The next step is to prepare and send a deal sheet to both attorneys and the buyer’s agent (if applicable). We recommend scheduling an introductory 30 minute consultation with one of our experienced real estate attorneys. Ask any legal questions you have and learn more about the step-by-step NYC closing process, from timing to costs. If you’re selling a co-op and the buyer doesn’t have a broker, you may need to guide the buyer through the co-op’s purchase application and co-op board interview.

How do I update my listing?

For all requests, changes or updates to your listing, please use the listing update form on our website to create a new support ticket. This form can be found under the “Account” menu bar on our website. Please do not reply to our support team by email to request additional changes or edits as that inbox is not monitored. All additional edits or updates must be made by submitting a new listing update form. Thank you in advance for keeping the number of your requests reasonable so we can continue keeping this feature free for all customers.

Can you customize my listing on various websites?

Unfortunately neither we nor our partner brokers have any control over how third party websites choose to display information after they’ve received the data feed. This means we cannot take custom unit or building amenity requests, requests to change listing or building history, requests to change public records or other data aggregated by third party websites nor any other custom requests on how your listing is displayed on third party websites.

Did I receive any inquiries today?

We understand that it may be tempting to ask this question, especially in a slow market. Please rest assured that inquiries will be relayed to you in a commercially reasonable manner by our front desks. Voicemails and texts are automatically transcribed and messages are taken during business hours by receptionists and other front desk personnel. If you’re not getting enough traffic, please consider realistically pricing your property and ordering professional photography.

Are inquiries relayed instantly?

No. Calls, text messages and email inquiries are received by our front desk staff or the front desk staff of our partner brokers and relayed to you during normal business hours within a commercially reasonable amount of time. Front desk personnel will make reasonable efforts to pick up all incoming calls, but this may not be possible during periods of high call volume. Voicemails are automatically transcribed and anything pertaining to your listing will be forwarded to you.

Our partner brokers are principal brokers or otherwise very senior managers at their brokerage firms and do not personally handle inquiries, listing updates or anything else related to your listing. As a result, please resist the temptation to ask the heads of our partner brokerages whether they can double check their inbox to see if they’ve received an inquiry for your flat fee listing.

For the avoidance of doubt, inquiries cannot be relayed to you instantly because your property is listed by either Hauseit® or our partner brokers, which means our executive assistants and receptionists must relay inquiries to you once received. Our secretaries will make reasonable efforts to relay inquiries to you promptly, but if you need inquiries to be relayed to you instantly, “within minutes or seconds,” late at night or anything else unfeasible, then this is not the service for you.

What are your front desk business hours?

We partner with call centers across the world to ensure 24/7 coverage of our phone lines. Watch this tutorial video to see an example of a live phone inquiry.

Agents: (800) 746-9464 |
Buyers: (888) 494-8258 |

Please note that even though our phones are always staffed, our in-house front desk is open from 9am to 6pm ET from Monday through Friday and 9am to 5pm ET on Saturday and Sunday. It is during these regular business hours that any email or text inquiries are forwarded to you, as well as any phone messages from direct buyers.

Phone inquiries from agents on the other hand are relayed to you 24/7, and the call center we work with for agent inquiries actually assists with coordination and confirmation of appointments.

Our partner brokers on the other hand primarily rely on in-house front desk staff to answer their phones and relay inquiries. This means your inquiries can only be relayed during normal business hours which are typically from 9am to 6pm ET, Monday through Friday.

Why aren't discount brokers and For Sale By Owner listings more common?

Savvy home sellers know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. There’s a reason why everyone isn’t selling For Sale By Owner and skipping brokers altogether. That’s because 90% of all home buyers are represented by agents who are loathe to show homes listed FSBO. Why would a buyer’s agent do more work negotiating a FSBO commission agreement for each property plus risk disintermediation when 97% or more of all inventory is properly co-broked in the MLS?

So how can sellers save on commission plus receive full buyer exposure without risking their sale? By signing up for an Agent Assisted FSBO with one of our brand name partner brokers who never openly discount their services. As a result, our traditional partner brokers have great working relationships with the real estate community which means you’ll never have to worry about other agents treating them or you any differently. Work with the best for less!

What's the difference vs. Hauseit's 1% full-service listing option?

Hauseit® Assisted FSBO listing is a do-it-yourself listing service whereas an Agent Managed Listing is a traditional, full-service listing. Although your home will be listed in the same places under either service, Assisted FSBO sellers are expected to fully manage their sale process from the moment they are relayed an inquiry by our front desk. There is no phone support, email support or pricing guidance included with our Base and Core plans.

As a result, an Assisted FSBO listing is most appropriate for sellers who can easily show their own home, who are self-starters, who are willing to do their research and who have the right level of expectations for a flat fee MLS listing. Learn more about the difference between our 1% for Full Service and Assisted FSBO listing options in this tutorial video.

Does Hauseit offer a rental listing service?

We do not offer a flat fee MLS rental listing service because of additional marketing costs specifically related to rentals. For example, StreetEasy currently charges brokers $6 per day per rental listing, which adds up to $1,080 over a standard 180 day listing term. If you are interested in paying this non-refundable surcharge upfront on top of our flat fee, then please email us and we may be able to customize a solution for you.

What is your refund policy?

You can cancel and receive a refund before your listing has been uploaded and within 2 business days of your purchase. Please note that a 3% cancellation fee applies because PayPal keeps its payment processing fee even when an order has been refunded.

While the flat fee payable upfront includes up to 180 days of listing time, the fee is entirely non-refundable and no pro-rata refunds will be made in the event you elect to early terminate. View our refund policy.

How do I renew or extend my listing?

You may extend an existing listing (or renew/reactivate an old listing) by completing the steps here. This process will keep all listing details (such as price, description, etc.) the same as they were before. If you wish to make extensive updates and changes to your listing as part of the renewal/extension process, please complete the traditional new seller sign-up process here instead.

Can I call and email for advice?

In order to make this service essentially free for all customers, we are unable to make exceptions and provide free advice, email support and phone calls of any type. If you would like additional help, please either consult your attorney or check out our flat fee phone support and broker consulting packages. If you simply don’t have time to read any of this, our partner brokers may be able to work with you on a Full Service for 1% basis.

What if I have more questions?

All of your questions can be answered by watching our detailed Agent Assisted FSBO Training Videos and checking out the Hauseit customer support forum. If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please post your question on our forum and someone from the team or real estate community will get back to you.

This service is designed for sellers who are independent minded and open to figuring things out themselves. If you would like personal support throughout the process, please consider our Full Service for 1% listing service instead.

Do you accept difficult customers?

We connect discerning buyers and sellers with experienced, traditional partner brokers who are willing to discreetly reduce their commissions. Real estate brokerage is a highly personalized service with inherently limited availability, meaning that businesses must carefully choose whom to work with. This is especially true since our partner brokers are taking a significant haircut in commission to work with you. As a result, we cannot force our partner brokers to work with a difficult customer who has an unreasonable level of expectations for a flat fee listing. Your order will be refunded in full if none of our partner brokers are available to work with you.

Don't have time to sell your home For Sale By Owner?

Sell your home for only 1% seller’s broker commission! We’ve negotiated private label discounts for full service with New York’s finest listing agents so you don’t have to. Work with the best for less!

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